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Meditate, relax, and live well

Singing Ring® Sound Therapy

- Relieve stress. Ease pain. Sleep better -

Toshiko Matsumoto, 

the first Certified Singing RingⓇ Instructor/Therapist outside of Japan, will give you a full body sound vibrational massage which helps your body and mind to relax.


✔ Deep stress relief

✔ Better quality sleep

✔ Ease physical pain and discomfort

✔ Calming mind

✔ Better focus

✔ Clear mind clutter and get inspirations


❤ Non-invasive

❤ Non-chemical

❤ Non-electric

❤ Non-physical-contact with the therapist
❤ Subtle sensation gentle for all ages

❤ Scientifically proven "No placebo effect"

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