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Meditative Sound Therapy

Personal Sound Therapy (▼Learn More)
Group Sound Therapy (Group Meditation, Events)
Corporate Sound Therapy (Workplace, Shops)
Medical & Welfare Sound Therapy (Hospital, Hospice, Daycare)
Child Sound Therapy (Schools, Kindergartens)
Environmental Sound Therapy


Yoga, Musicians, Dancers, Artists, Tea Ceremony, Shrines, Temples, Butterfly Garden, Massage, Himalayan Salt Lamp, Kids' boot camp, etc.
If you are interested in collaborating with Meditative Sound Therapy, don't hesitate to contact Toshiko! We are open to new ideas and opportunities.

Personal Sound Therapy


60min  $100

The most basic therapy using Singing RingⓇ, suitable for those who wish to experience this therapy for the first time. By balancing the whole body, you can enjoy the deep relaxation.
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120min  $135

After you fill in a form for us to understand your physical status, we will have a consultation and work to retrieve harmony to bring back the balance of your body and mind by choosing the right session for you.

Session Menus are;

  • Forest
    Deep relaxation for those who are feeling tired from running around and being busy.

  • River
    Brain serenity for those who have mental exhaustion from thinking a lot.

  • Wind
    Physical lightness for those who feel their body is heavy, dull and unable to move easily.

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120min  $135
We will start the session after identifying where your physical discomfort is. This therapy includes Shiatsu massage and Reflexology in addition to the sound therapy.
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+ + + + + + + +

We can add the following optional plans to all of the above therapies.

  • Aroma Therapy
    You can enjoy the therapy with your favorite aroma from our wide selection of high quality essential oils.


  • Clay Therapy (Facial Mask)
    When you lie face up during the session, we can provide a facial clay mask matching your skin condition, the session is completed with a moisturizing treatment. (Please come without makeup)

Duo Sound Therapy

90min $250 for two

(Including consultation and matcha green tea for both)


Come release the built-up stress and regain inner peace. Specifically designed for a duo. Friends, couples, or a family member, Bring your loved one. Enhance the harmony between you two by receiving the same sound frequency at the same time, side by side. This session will help you synchronizing your consciousness to the same vibration.

Group Sound Therapy

Group Meditation Classes

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