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Deep Healing Personal Sound Therapy using Singing Ring®

Meditative Sound Therapy

​Sound Therapy Menu


Yoga, Musicians, Dancers, Artists, Tea Ceremony, Shrines, Temples, Butterfly Garden, Massage, Himalayan Salt Lamp, Kids' boot camp, etc.
If you are interested in collaborating with Meditative Sound Therapy, don't hesitate to contact Toshiko! We are open to new ideas and opportunities.

Price List

Personal Sound Therapy

Singing Ring® sound healing therapy is unique, that we place the bowl on your body so that the subtle but strong vibration of the sound sinks deep into your body and heal every single cell that creates you.

Enjoy the rich harmonic overtones' vibrational sound massage for deeper relaxation and healing for your body, mind, and soul.

Image by Bekir Dönmez


60min  $120

-10min Consultation

-50min Sound Therapy


The most basic therapy using Singing RingⓇ, suitable for those who wish to experience this therapy for the first time. By balancing the whole body, you can enjoy the deep relaxation.



70min  $135

- 70min Sound Therapy and Voice work

Purify and energize each chakra by Singing Ring and Activate them by imaging the colours using your voice.

Image by veeterzy


120min  $160

-15min Consultation

-90min Sound Therapy

-15min Herbal Tea & Waking up

After you fill in a form for us to understand your physical status, we will have a consultation and work to retrieve harmony to bring back the balance of your body and mind by choosing the right session for you.

  • Forest
    Deep relaxation for those who are feeling tired from running around and being busy.

  • River
    Brain serenity for those who have mental exhaustion from thinking a lot.

  • Wind
    Physical lightness for those who feel their body is heavy, dull and unable to move easily.

Image by Shyamanta Baruah


120min  $180

-15min Consultation

-90min Sound Therapy & Shiatsu + Reflexology 

-15min Herbal Tea & Waking up

We will start the session after identifying where your physical discomfort is. This therapy includes Shiatsu massage and Reflexology in addition to the sound therapy.

We can add the following optional plans to all of the above therapies.

  • Aroma Therapy
    You can enjoy the therapy with your favourite aroma from our wide selection of high quality essential oils

  • Clay Mask Detox Facial
    30 min Clay Facial including cleansing, hot towel, clay mask, hydration, moisturiser

  • Flower Clay Foot Bath


     15 min put your tired feet into the warm Flower & Clay bath + 5min massage with the nourishing moisturiser

  • Flower Clay Foot Bath & Reflexology 


     10min Flower Clay Foot Bath + 20min Reflexology

  • Tired eye Clay mask and Sound 
    For the people who are constantly using computer at work or heavy smartphone users. Eyestrain can be the cause of other health issues such as headaches and shoulder and neck stiffness. This additional 20min.of tired eye therapy focus on eye area is so powerful. You might feel the sinus area clearing up too.

  • Mobile Service at Your House
    We can visit your house and provide personal sessions depending on where you are at an additional fee 
    (Approximately $20 to $50) from Tamborine Mountain area to Gold Coast, South of Brisbane 

* All session menus include the explanation of Singing Ring® and their effects (for the first time customers), and consultation by Toshiko to understand your habitual characteristics and physical condition of the day.

* Please allow enough time before and after the session for the full benefit.

* Please dress in a comfortable clothing without zipper or buttons at the front and back.

* Please book in advance. For availability, please enquire within.
* Therapy venues are limited. Please check Locations. If you have a large space at your house, we maybe able to visit you. Discuss details with us.

Duo Sound Therapy

120min Harmony Sound $280 for two

-15min Consultation

-90min Healing Sound Therapy for two

-15min Herbal Tea & Waking up

Come release the built-up stress and regain inner peace. Specifically designed for a duo.

Friends, couples, or a family member, Bring your loved one. Enhance the harmony between you two by receiving the same sound frequency at the same time, side by side. This session will help you synchronising your consciousness to the same vibration.

* The venues and dates are limited for the duo sound therapy. For availability, please enquire within.


90min Harmonic Sound + Meditation Massage by oil $480 for two

-90min Sound vibrational therapy and oil massage for two

-10min Waking up

Full-body Singing Ring sound vibrational massage & meditative oil massage for Specifically designed for a duo. Come release the built-up stress and regain inner peace. 

Friends, couples, or a family member, Bring your loved one. Enhance the harmony between you two by receiving the same sound frequency at the same time, side by side. This session gives you an ultimate next-level relaxation.

You may up grade to 130min. Session for additional 30min. Japanese spa bath and infra-red sauna, +$80. including 10min.changing clothes and walking to the spa.

This session is only available at Organic Spa Aum in Lower Beechmont, QLD.

* The venues and dates are limited for the duo sound therapy. For availability, please enquire within.


Group Sound Therapy

Group Meditation Classes

Toshiko runs irregular events in Gold Coast, and all across Australia. Group meditation is a reasonable option to get the Singing Ring® healing experience. Please check the event section of our Facebook page, or our event calendar for future events.


Children's Meditation Classes

Toshiko and Singing Ring Australia members have been collaborating with kids program such as Veteran Mentors in the east coast of Australia. We are planning on participating in their Perth program in 2020. Kids love our Singing Ring® meditation sessions!! They are always so much calmer after the healing experience. Check out what they have to say!!

Corporate Sound Therapy

Short Shoulder, and Neck Sound Therapy

Are you and your co-workers constantly surrounded by computers constantly emitting radio waves in your office? Is your back, shoulder, and neck so stiff that it gives you headaches or difficulty sleeping or relaxing after you get home? Or does your job require constant physical contact or communicating with customers, and feeling people's energy building up in your system?

Toshiko will come to your office and give your employees a short sound healing each for better health and wellness. You will feel lighter and calmer after the session. It can potentially ease the pain and help you relax.

Please feel free to let us know preferred date & time, location, number of workers for the quote. 

Personal Soud Therapy
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